Vacation Bible School:  July, 2009
Columbus Presbyterian Church
Dr. Seuss was the theme for this summer's Vacation Bible School.  The kickoff cookout was Green Eggs and HAMburgers.  The familiarity of Dr. Seuss stories, as well as the costumes, delighted youth and adults alike.   Click on an image to enlarge.
Three Dr. Seuss helpers peeling potatoes for Kickoff  Night potato salad to go with the Green Eggs and HAMburgers.  Good job guys!!!
The Reverend Dr. Seuss  giving a tour of the colorful dining room.
Our official, and very lovely, storyteller reading the wonderful "Green Eggs and Ham".
Whoever would have thought that these characters could cook?!    Hey, they make wonderful HAMburgers!!!
Even those with the funny hats must follow directions!
Wonderful music by talented musicians is always a blessing!
Everybody SING!
More great music.
It helps if you enjoy your job!
Beautiful artwork was made by all!
There's always one......
Dr. Seuss employees hard at work!
The REAL CAT IN THE HAT made an appearance on Cat in the Hat night!!!
Putting together the Cat in the Hat puzzle!
All of the items collected for the Foothills Humane Society--this year's VBS mission project.
Whoa!  Check out those GORGEOUS HATS!
Are those children excited or what!?!  And is that a teacher calling 911?
Dr. Seuss Disciplinarians sat in the back rows!  (Not really.)