Nickel-a-Meal Mission Program
Columbus Presbyterian Church
Nickel-a-Meal is an ongoing mission program that invites church members and their families to put five cents (or more) per person in a special piggy bank at each meal they eat. On the last Sunday of each month members bring their Nickel-a-Meal offerings to church. During the regular service, the children collect these special  "hunger" offerings in soup pots, delighting in the "joyful noise" of the nickels, dimes and quarters as they clang against the metal pots.  This process teaches children (and reminds adults) that God commands us to respond in concrete ways to the poor and needy.

Nickel-a-Meal is a project of The Presbytery of Western North Carolina. The offering is used to fund qualified grant requests from regional ministries working with the poor.  The Presbytery allocates 55% of the funds for international relief, 40% of the funds for regional or local relief projects, and up to 5% for education and administrative costs.

Columbus Presbyterian Church recently received a grant  from the Presbytery of Western North Carolina to assist the local Thermal Belt Outreach Ministries.  This grant helped fund the Outreach Ministries' program to provide food for needy local school children on weekends.

Want to get involved? Join us on the last Sunday of the month and have your Nickel-a-Meal offering ready when the children pass the soup pots!  Can't make it!?  You can send your donation directly to the Church Office.  Be sure to mark your offering Nickel-a-Meal so it may be put to work in the area you desire.