Frequently Asked Questions
Columbus Presbyterian Church
When was Columbus Presbyterian Church started?
Columbus Presbyterian Church was started in 1894 and is part of the Presbytery of Western North Carolina.  Construction of Charter Hall started in 1996 and cost $300,000.  Through the donations of church members and friends, $50,000 was raised to start the construction process and a construction loan of $250,000 was obtained by the Session.  The loan of $250,000 was paid off in November, 2006.

What is the staff reporting structure?
-The Pastor reports to the Session and to the Presbytery.
-The Choir Director reports to the Pastor.
-The Director of Christian Education reports to the Session.
-The Treasurer reports to the Session.

Who can use the church property?
Any person, organization or group requesting to use the church property must be approved by the Session and scheduled by the Pastor's Assistant.

Who can get married in the church?
Anyone can get married in the church, either church member or friend, once  approved by the Pastor or the Session.

Who can be buried in the church cemetery?
Only church members and those approved by the Session, if space allows.

Is there a set age limit to join the church?
No, but each person must be examined and approved by the elders of the church.

Is there a minimum age limit to receive communion?
No.  The church leaves that decision to the parents.

Who is the church member with the longest record as a church officer?
Bill McFarland is the church member with the longest record, serving as:
Sunday School Superintendent, Deacon, Elder, Sunday School Teacher, Presbytery and Synod Representative.  He also is the only member approved to preside over Communion.

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